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OrgChart Professional sets the new standard in organizational...

OrgChart Professional sets the new standard in organizational charting software. Combining easy-to-use tools with powerful database functionality, OrgChart is a top choice for anyone responsible for management of employees, employee communications and employee data.

With the extended data management capabilities you can now track assets, perform succession planning, analyze the team for strategic fit, and even have a compliance view, showing employees who need to be brought current in their training, EEO, and company policy coverage.

  • Chart up to 1000 people, in various divisions and teams.
    Automatically create charts using existing data from Excel®, Outlook®, XML, LDAP & any database source such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, Sap, Kronos, ADP, Meridian, and more.
    Automatically update your Org Chart by simply updating your data source (database, Excel spread sheet, etc.) Click once and your chart will instantly reflect changes you made to your data source.
    Search and sort data within charts to locate and change information fast.
    Powerful formatting tools change box appearance - color, font, borders globally or conditionally (based on any employee criteria) with one click. Eliminates the fuss with trying to make all boxes the same size and appearance.
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    • "Organization planning software"

      Orgchart pro makes organization charting easy and helped us with our org planning exercises. Great package..   More.